The Work.Family.Life Project

The Work.Family.Life Project was initiated in 2011 by Dr. Mark D. Agars. It is a long-term research initiative geared toward finding applicable solutions to the work and family challenges faced by individuals living at or near poverty lines in our geographic region. While some solutions and programs already exist, these are limited and often regarded as insufficient by both employees and employers. Our take on this is that while much research has been conducted, thus far the research has focused on white-collar working environments, largely ignoring the specific needs of those who are considered the “working poor.”

Our primary goal is to identify and develop initiatives to help individuals maintain employment, while managing and balancing work and family responsibilities. This should yield improved family functioning, work productivity, and reduced conflict in both the family and the work place.

Our team is regularly in the community learning from individuals and employers, while searching for and proposing new solutions. We collaborate with like-minded community and professional organizations interested in addressing these issues, and we are eager to form new partnerships.

For more information or to learn more about partnership opportunities see our site.