On-Campus Funding Resources & Opportunities

Foundation for California State University, San Bernardino

The Foundation for California State University, San Bernardino was established in 1962. The Foundation is responsible for many activities that require financial supported not provided by the state. These activities occur in all three areas of University life including: instruction, research and community service. It is incumbent upon the Foundation to operate an organization that is business-like in nature, at the highest level of professional competence, while also being entrepreneurial, to take advantage of many resources the University has to offer.

Partnerships through Community University

The criteria CUP will utilize for defining effective partnerships are:

  1. They must be a significant relationship between University resources and community needs.
  2. They must involve an off-campus partner.
  3. They should demonstrate the "self-supporting" nature of the project or that they can be self-supporting in the future.
  4. They must have a clear purpose(s) and intended outcome(s).
  5. They must have a workable plan, resources, budget, and realistic time frames.
  6. They must generate measurable outcomes and have proper evaluation processes.
  7. They must present the University in a positive light and lend themselves to being publicized.
  8. They must engage students in appropriate role(s) to meet their service learning needs.
  9. They should engage faculty in appropriate roles.
  10. They should be committed to sharing and reporting the outcomes, knowledge and findings within and beyond the partnership.
  11. They should insure that all reporting processes provide proper credit to those partners who actively produced the outcomes.

Faculty grants for International Travel, sponsored by International Institute, CSUSB

Office of Research Development:
The Office of Research Development (ORD) has been established at CSUSB with funds made available by the Extramural Associates Research Development Award (EARDA) through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The goal of ORD is to enhance faculty and student research at CSUSB, particularly in health-related, biomedical and behavioral research. This office provides assistance to faculty who are interested in pursuing health-related research, specifically biomedical and behavioral research. They can help faculty identify active opportunities that match their interests. Pilot projects are, awarded to faculty each year, that are open to all full-time faculty who want to build upon their research experiences or begin a new line of research in these fields.

Presidential Investment Fund, Office of the President (CSUSB): To support the development of entrepreneurial grants and projects that will serve as unique university "investments" and will promote major research, service and/or advancement objectives.

To apply submit application to ORSP on the 1st Monday of Oct., Jan., or Apr.

University Diversity Initiative Grants: The University Diversity Committee (UDC) invites proposals for Diversity Research Initiative Grants. The awards will be $4,000 maximum per grant. These awards will support:

  1. Development of new courses and innovative course revisions that make a contribution to improve diversity in the curriculum and to facilitate the integration of diversity into the classroom.
  2. Research or activity that has direct campus-wide or community impact and that attempts to achieve a campus community that reflects the diversity of the society in which we live, and identify and eliminate obstacles in the areas of hiring, retention, development and promotion of faculty, staff, and administrators.
  3. Students in diversity related initiatives having direct campus-wide or community impact, to increase students' active participation in diversity-related events or courses on campus.
On-campus grants available from the ORSP website