Off-Campus Funding Resources & Opportunities:

  1. NIH Grant Writing

    Link to the different types of NIH grant mechanisms. Categories of grants available include awards to build research careers (K awards), awards to conduct pilot studies (R03s), or awards for universities that are not research intensive (R15s):

  2. First Five, San Bernardino
  3. State Register and Federal Register
    It is helpful to read the Federal Register with regularity. In the "Notices of Proposed Rulemaking" (NPR), public comment is invited to respond to a proposed "rule," or grant priority that will subsequently be issued. These comments are compiled, and six to nine months later a more complete request for proposals is published, reflecting the comments and opinions of field professionals. Reading the NPRs will allow you to get a head start on your proposals. Track developments within your area of interest through the appropriate government and federal departments. By reading the rules and notices, you will be notified of workshops and other information necessary for your area of interest.

  4. Fulbright scholarships:
    • The U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program sends 800 scholars and professionals each year to over 140 countries, where they lecture or conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields.
    • The Visiting Fulbright Scholar Program awards grants to foreign scholars to come to the United States to lecture or conduct postdoctoral research. Nearly 800 scholars come annually for an academic year or term.
    • Pre-Doctoral Fellowships are offered to U.S. and foreign graduate students and graduating seniors. Nearly 800 Americans are studying abroad with either full or partial support from the Fulbright Program. Similar awards are offered each year to foreign graduate students for support at U.S. universities.
    • The Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program provides opportunities for mostly one-for-one exchanges between U.S. and foreign elementary, secondary and postsecondary teachers.
    • The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program was established in 1979 to bring accomplished mid-career professionals from developing countries to the United States at a mid-point in their careers for a year of study and related professional experiences. Fellows are selected on the basis of their potential for national leadership in the fields of public administration and public policy analysis, public health, agricultural development and planning and resource management.
    • The College and University Affiliations Program seeks to establish linkages between U.S. universities and institutions overseas through the exchange of faculty and staff. Begun as a pilot project in Africa in 1982, the program became worldwide in 1983. These linkages focus on the social sciences, humanities, business administration and the arts. Since the program's inception, over 350 institutional grants have been awarded.
    • A portion of the Fulbright program, the Fulbright-Hays Foreign Area and Language Training Programs, is administered by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of International Education and Graduate Programs. Funds are awarded to Americans individually or to U.S. institutions to support research and training efforts abroad focusing on non-western foreign languages and world area studies.
  5. Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health of California - Request for Applications

  6. California Dept. of Education - Available Funding

  7. California First 5- Funding Information

  8. Coca Cola Foundation:
    Deadline: Rolling - Applications are reviewed quarterly
    Projects are supported which provide youth with the educational opportunities to become productive citizens. The foundation encourages new solutions to problems that impede educational systems and supports existing programs that work. The Foundation's commitment is multi-faceted. Grants are provided to public and private colleges and universities, elementary and secondary schools, teacher-training programs, educational programs for minority students and global educational programs.

  9. David and Lucile Packard foundation:
    Deadline: Ongoing
    Children, Families, and Communities focuses on access to quality health care, the development of children and youth, the economic security of families and the reduction of violence in homes and communities. The foundation is committed to building the capacity and will to support children in the local community and the nation, to enable them to thrive and grow into responsible, productive, and happy individuals. Information on Grant/Funding Provider: 300 Second Street, Suite 200, Los Altos, CA, 94022, (650) 948-7658;

  10. Safeway Foundation (Health and Human Services, Education):
    Deadline: Ongoing
    Four areas include, among others, Health and Human Services -- funds to enrich lives of men, women and children by assisting organizations that provide health care services such as women's shelters, health screening, children's health, and other activities that make one's life better. Education funds are designated for educational organizations that positively influence communities. Information on Grant/Funding Provider: Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

  11. PepsiCo Foundation:
    Deadline: Varies
    Focus areas of these grants include: Health and Wellness. The foundation's mission is to advance the knowledge about how to encourage healthy lifestyles and effect positive behavior change. These include community activation, minority communities initiatives and efforts involving health professionals.

  12. Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
    Deadline: Ongoing
    Interested 501(3)(c) organizations should submit a two-page letter of inquiry. The Goldman Fund will invite applicants to submit full length proposals. Average grants are $50,000. Priorities of the fund are the elderly, children and youth, social and human services and violence prevention.Visit their website or Contact: Robert T. Gamble, Executive Director, Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund One Lombard Street, Suite 303 San Francisco, CA 94111

  13. The William Randolph Hearst Foundation:
    Deadline: Ongoing
    The Hearst Foundations support human service agencies that foster effective solutions to social and economic problems. Preference is given to well-established organizations that provide comprehensive, direct-service programs that include, but are not limited to, strengthening families and ensuring healthy childhood development. 90 New Montgomery Street, Suite 1212 San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 543-0400 fax: (415) 243-0760

  14. California Federal Domestic Assistance:
    The online Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance gives you access to a database of all Federal programs available to State and local governments (including the District of Columbia); federally -recognized Indian tribal governments; Territories (and possessions) of the United States; domestic public, quasi-public, and private profit and nonprofit organizations and institutions; specialized groups; and individuals. After you find the program you want, contact the office that administers the program and find out how to apply.
  15. Child and Family Research at NICHD
    The Child and Family Research Section in the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development investigates dispositional, experiential, and environmental factors that contribute to physical, mental, emotional, and social development in human beings during the first two decades of life course. The overall goals of Child and Family Research are to describe, analyze, and assess the capabilities and proclivities of developing human beings, including their genetic characteristics, physiological functioning, perceptual and cognitive abilities, emotional, social, and interactional styles, as well as the nature and consequences for children and parents of family development, and children's exposure to and interactions with their physical surroundings. Project designs are experimental, longitudinal, and cross-sectional as well as intra-cultural and cross-cultural. Sociodemographic comparisons include family socioeconomic status, maternal age and employment status, and child parity and daycare experience. Study sites include Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, England, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Peru, and the Republic of South Korea as well as the United States.

  16. NICHD (Nat'l Institute of Child Health and Human Development):
    These FOAs are focused on health related topics and biological research. However, health behavior and behavioral influences on health are included.

  17. National Science Foundation:
    • The areas of: Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences, Cognitive Neuroscience, Linguistics, Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) Competition, cultural anthropology, judgment and decision making, and others under the Social and Behavioral Science options.
    • Child and adolescent development and learning: This program supports studies that increase our understanding of cognitive, linguistic, social, cultural, and biological processes related to children's and adolescents' development and learning. Additional priorities are to support developmental research that: incorporates multidisciplinary, multi-method, microgenetic, and longitudinal approaches; develops new methods and theories; examines transfer of knowledge from one domain to another and from one situation to another; assesses peer relations, family interactions, social identities, and motivation; examines the impact of family, school, and community resources; assesses adolescents' preparation for entry into the workforce; and investigates the role of demographic characteristics and cultural influences on children's development. Research supported by this program will add to our basic knowledge of how people learn and the underlying developmental processes that support learning, with the objective of leading to better educated children and adolescents who grow up to take productive roles as workers and as citizens.
  18. ResearchResearchLite: Go to Funding Opportunities by discipline. There is a list of 1,000s of subjects from A-Z.

  19. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs- Extramural Funding Links

  20. Freddie Mac Foundation:
    The programs we invest in find permanent homes for children in foster care. They prevent child abuse and neglect and stabilize homes and families. We also fund youth development programs that help young people reach their full potential. We are committed to creating hope and opportunity for children, youth and their families. Freddie Mac and the Freddie Mac Foundation have given more than $312 million over the past decade to brighten the lives of children and families.Please review our grant guidelines before applying for funding.

  21. John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur foundation The following are types of programs funded:
    1. Affordable Housing
    2. Community & Economic Development
    3. Digital Media, Learning & Education
    4. Juvenile Justice
    5. Mental Health
    6. Policy Research
    7. Regional Policy

  22. Prudential Foundation:
    The Prudential Foundation provides grants focusing on education and economic development. Education - The Foundation supports initiatives that strengthen public education. Emphasis is placed on systemic school reform; improving leadership skills for education stakeholders; increasing parental involvement and community engagement; providing opportunities for arts education and youth development programs; and ensuring that parents and caregivers have the resources needed to support the development of their children.

  23. Washington Mutual:
    Washington Mutual is pleased to team up with nonprofit organizations by investing in their efforts to build stronger communities. Washington Mutual awards millions of dollars in cash grants each year to support K-12 public education, financial education, affordable housing and community development.

  24. BEA foundation:
    Complimenting BEA's support of its employees and their vast array of philanthropic and volunteer interests, BEA centers its long-term charitable investments on nonprofit organizations that encourage positive and healthy learning among pre-school age children. Specifically:
    • School readiness by age 5
    • Increased availability and quality of early care
    • Safe and supportive communities, where children have access to adequate food, shelter and basic services, and are free from crime and violence
  25. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation The Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation supports programs designed to improve the education of health professionals in the interest of the health of the public, and to enhance the representation of minorities in the health profession. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation Grant writing guidelines.