The Science of Parenting

The Science of Parenting is a new 8-session parenting education course to be offered to a broader audience at Babies ‘R Us locations throughout the community through a new collaboration between Science of Parenting and experts in the field of psychology, bringing you and your child this new innovative educational program starting October, 2014. This parent education course will provide parents, parents-to-be, and those who work with children and families a general understanding of child behavior and positive child guidance strategies. Participants will learn effective, developmentally-appropriate, attachment-based strategies for communicating and interacting with children and for guiding children’s/teen’s behavior. In addition to learning how the manage challenging situations with children/teens, participants will also learn about what children need to grow up happy and healthy, including ways to support children’s brain development, thinking skills, language/reading skills, and social and emotional development.

Class Descriptions

1. Introduction to Parenting 101

Introduction to the course; the parenting "toolbox"; setting parenting goals; understanding early brain development.

2. Examining Our ideas About Parenting; Punishment vs. Positive Child Guidance

Where our ideas about parenting come from; why some discipline techniques don't work well; research findings on the use of punishment.

3. What Children Need to Grow Up Happy and Healthy

Children's basic psychological needs, including the importance of secure attachment; why children's feelings are so important.

4. The Language for Behavior: How Children Communicate With Us

How children speak to us through their behavior; realistic vs. unrealistic expectations of children/ teens; attention span by age; problems children face.

5. Child Guidance Strategies: When a Child Has a Problem/ Need

Understanding crying and meltdowns; active listening and other helpful strategies for when children are upset, sad, or struggling.

6. Child Guidance Strategies: Setting Limits and Gaining Children's Cooperation

How to set limits and get children to cooperate.

7. Taking Care of Ourselves

Parenting stress; how stress hijacks the parent brain.; tools to cope with stress; fun family things to do.

8. Milestones: Supporting Children's Development; Graduation

Supporting children's brain, cognitive, language, social, and emotional development; milestones; guidance tips for parenting children and teens.

Parent Classes Schedule

Call for more information (909) 537-3679.