Maternal Re-Entry Program:

The Re-entry program for recently-released mothers and their children was started on the CSUSB campus in May 2010. This 10-week program is free-of-charge and meets for 2 hrs. each week. Mothers may begin this program at any time.

Mothers who have not had the psychotherapeutic parenting curriculum are provided with portions of that parenting education. Those who have had the previous parenting course are assisted in discussing implementation of newly learned parenting practices as they resume parenting or work towards re-unification with their children

The purpose of this program is to help mothers:

  • maintain their sobriety
  • manage stress and coping
  • access needed programs (e.g., enhancing their education and employment potential)
  • meet their basic needs of housing and food
  • locate needed psychological resources
  • practice developmentally-appropriate parenting
  • manage reunification issues
  • manage family relationships
  • manage grief and loss issues

A children's program meets concurrent to the mothers' support group. Children are grouped by age (toddler/preschool, school age, and teens) are supervised by trained child development and psychology college students under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist in age-appropriate activities designed to help children express and regulate emotions.

As needed, children may engage in one-on-one interactions with the staff. In addition, mother-child dyadic activities include collaborative arts and crafts to facilitate bonding between mother and child, and the option to have mother-child interactions videotaped and used for positive feedback. With older children, family sessions are offered to address areas of conflict and ways to increase positive communication and strengthen relationships. Developmental screenings and referrals are also made available to the families.

To register for the Re-entry Program, please call (909) 537-3593