About Us: Parental Intervention Project

The Parental Intervention Project, funded by First 5, San Bernardino, started in 2008 as a collaboration between the Sheriff's Department INROADS Program and the Department of Psychology at CSUSB to address the needs of incarcerated mothers and their children.

The primary goal of this project is to join with the SB County Sheriff's INROADS program to reduce the cycle of trauma and incarceration that is so common in the histories of incarcerated women. To this end, PIP provides a 48-hour, attachment-based psychotherapeutic parent education class offered to incarcerated mothers while they are in jail, and a parent/child re-entry program which follows the mothers' release from jail.

In addition, while the mothers are in jail, PIP coordinates the INROADS TALK program, where one evening each week, the mothers visit with their children. During this time, parent-child play is organized to facilitate their bonding and to give the mothers an opportunity to implement their newly learned parenting skills. PIP also offers the children's caregivers support while the mothers are in jail. They meet with an PIP clinician to discuss any potential problems and are offered assessment, referrals, and treatment as appropriate.