Caregiver Transitional Support Group:

This recently developed program is designed to address the needs of the caregivers (of the incarcerated mothers' children) while these mothers are in jail. The purpose is to assist the caregivers with any concerns they have about the emotional, behavioral, or other adjustment issues that the children are expressing or exhibiting while their mother is incarcerated.

Caregivers are offered assistance in accessing resources (such as psychological assessment for the children, and therapeutic intervention for both the child and caregiver as appropriate). Additionally, caregivers are offered the option of a "pre- or post-release" family meeting so that the caregiver and soon-to-be-released mother can address concerns they have about potential areas of family conflict (e.g., the parenting of the child/children, sustaining sobriety, contributing to the family's finances, etc.) when the mother is released.

Caregivers are also provided with information about the Maternal Re-Entry Program and are asked to encourage the mothers to attend once released from jail.