About Us

The Institute for Child Development and Family Relations (ICDFR) is the umbrella organization, which covers many child and family related sub-projects established through partnerships between CSUSB and the surrounding community. See the links to the left to learn more about the sub-projects affiliated with ICDFR.

Established in 2002, our mission is to promote the optimal development and well-being of the children and families in our geographic region. We do this through conducting research, providing services, and educating future professionals. The Institute draws upon the strengths and expertise of faculty throughout the university, who have devoted their careers to researching and teaching subjects related to both child development and the family dynamic. These faculty members provide training within established graduate and undergraduate programs. These programs include Child Development, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Child Assessment, Special Education, Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education, Family and Child Health.

The Institute for Child Development and Family Relations:

  • Contains within it, several unique programs and projects that are each related to the development of children and the development of relationships with their family.
  • Establishes a collaborative intellectual community, created to address the unmet needs of children and families.

Children and Families:

  • We collaborate with various academic programs and colleges to provide related university services to parents, children, and families.
  • We provide direct services to support the positive development of families through parent training, child development workshops, high quality programs for young children, and other related services.

Students, Faculty and the Community:

  • The Institute seeks to strengthen undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
  • We provide education, training, and relevant practicum for undergraduate and graduate students, parents, local professionals and other community members.
  • The Institute links faculty and students with community agencies, public schools, professionals, and families.
  • Builds partnerships and relationships with professionals and agencies in the region.

The Future of ICDFR:

  • Students and faculty contribute to the development of future understanding through on-going research projects.
  • We are currently expanding to meet the needs of our diverse population.