About Us: Interpersonal Relationships: Research and Resources

The Interpersonal Relationships Research and Resources (IRRR) group at CSUSB seeks to improve the quality of interpersonal relationships by providing resources to professionals and community members. Professionals can find information related to presenting and publishing their research, teaching relationship classes, and using measures and datasets for studying relationships. Community members can find handouts about improving their interpersonal relationships as well as obtain counseling center referrals.

IRRR consists of faculty, therapists, and administrators with diverse educational backgrounds in the fields of psychology, child and family development, communication studies, and marriage and family therapy. The members have regular meetings on CSUSB campus to discuss current and future directions for teaching, research, and community service activities.

The group is housed within the Institute for Child Development and Family Relations and is directed by Dr. Kelly Campbell of CSUSB's Psychology Department.